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Benefits of Having Your Skis and Snowboard Professionally Serviced

Skis and snowboards aren’t cheap, and one of the keys to ensuring their longevity is consistent maintenance. Wear and tear on skis and snowboards is a natural part of the sport. Though fresh powder might feel like a pillowy dream beneath you, a multitude of debris like rocks, branches, and dirt are just waiting to rob your gear of its factory finish.

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Why You Should Have Your Bike Serviced at a Professional Shop

One major reason to have your bike serviced at Peak Sports Bike Shop is because we have the right tools for the job. There are dozens of standards for nearly every component of a modern bicycle. If you were to create a spreadsheet detailing each standard’s name, dimensions, torque specifications, and installation method, you’d have a worksheet packed with enough data to impress an accountant.

Five Items You Didn’t Know You Needed for Your Next Winter Adventure

With fall upon us, the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting chillier, but that doesn’t mean your next adventure has to be put on pause until things warm up again. In fact, winter offers some of the most unique opportunities for outdoor experiences that can only happen when the temperature dips and the sky blankets the landscape with miles of fresh powder. But preparing for an adventure when things get frosty is not the same as prepping for a summer outing, and bringing the right clothing and gear can make the difference between a trip to remember and a nightmare you’d rather forget.

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McKenzie River Packraft Adventure

I've been dreaming about a trip like this for a while and I finally made it happen this weekend on the McKenzie River. This trip has everything: physical exhaustion, technical whitewater, dogs, sleeping's just perfect.

Corvallis to Coast

I decided to take advantage of a nice weather window this past winter and ride the C2C route, along with a friend and my dog, Charlie. The C2C is a 60-mile hiking and biking route that connects Corvallis to Ona Beach on the Oregon coast. The bike route travels through remote areas of the coast range on mostly gravel roads, which makes it an excellent overnight bikepacking trip that you can begin right from town. 

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Bikepacking Overnight in the Old Cascade Crest Trail area

We took a chance with the wildfire smoke and headed out for an overnight in an area that up until the day before had been closed due to its proximity to the Bruler Fire. We got lucky and it wasn't smokey, and there were no people.