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At Peak Sports Bike Shops in Corvallis we maintain state-of-the-art bicycle service departments staffed with experienced, professional, and passionate technicians. We are prepared to handle all of your bicycle service needs, from minor adjustments and repairs to complete overhauls. In addition, we offer a variety of service packages along with a complete list of a la carte options to fine-tune your riding experience.

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Service Packages

Whether your bike has been sitting in a dusty garage for a decade or ridden every day for the past six months, we’ve got a service package designed to maintain the life and safety of your bicycle. Assessing your bike’s needs requires more than a quick glance. That’s why our service advisors put each bike that comes into our shop in a service stand before making any recommendations. Once in the stand, we can evaluate how well your bike is shifting, get an idea of remaining brake life, investigate common wear items like chains, tires, and bearings, and discuss any issues you may have experienced on recent rides.

Based on our service advisor’s findings, we can recommend which service package will best improve your bike’s performance while taking your budget into consideration. If your bike’s issues are more specific, we may suggest ala carte service options to address its needs, saving you time and money.


Average Total w/ Parts: $75-$125

Enhance the performance of an already well-running bike that doesn’t need replacement parts

The right choice if your bike is running well but could use some minor adjustments to protect your investment and avoid more costly repairs down the road.

This option is perfect for bikes that need professional attention to keep them running smoothly but don’t require replacing worn-out parts.

  • Bike wash basic
    Safety inspection
    Mark height & grease seatpost
    Inflate tires
    Lube everything

    All Bolts
    Adjust brakes
    Der hang adjust
    Adjust shifting
    Adjust headset
    Tighten bolts
    Test ride

  • Available add-ons
    Tube/tire installation $10
    A la carte for all other labors

TUNE-UP $175

Average Total w/ Parts: $300-$500

Breathe new life into a bike that needs commonly worn parts replaced to operate at its full potential

Includes everything in a Safety Service and is right for bikes that may need replacement of common, high-wear items.

This option is perfect for bikes needing more in-depth repairs and covers labor to replace most high-wear components on your ride. A tune-up provides labor time to address poor shifting and braking, worn-out tires, as well as adjustments to wheels and components that have drifted out of spec.

Bike wash deluxe
Drivetrain clean on bike
Install chain
Install cassette
Install pedals
Tire/Tube install, tubed or tubeless
Sealant install
Brake pad install
Wheel true basic
Rotor true
Adjust hubs
Install cables and housing external
Install grips & bar tape
Test ride

Available add-ons
$25 more for selective E-bikes
Spoke replacement $15
Internal housing $10,more for complex installs
A la carte for all other labors


Average Total w/ Parts: $600-$1000

Overhaul your bike with replacement parts and comprehensive adjustments so it rides like new again

An Annual Service includes everything in a Full Service but provides additional labor time to replace and overhaul parts that undergo higher degrees of stress during off-road or high-mileage riding.

This package provides additional time to inspect and replace critical bearings, remove and thoroughly clean drivetrain components, maintain hydraulic brakes, and replace internal parts.

  • Bike wash detail
    Drivetrain clean off bike
    Wheel true w/ spoke replacement
    Install rotors
    Overhaul hubs
    Install bottom bracket
    Install headset
    Install cables and housing
    External or internal
    Internal may require additional charge based on complexity, ie. tri-bikes, handlebar-headset-headtube routing
    Bleed brakes
    Tubeless full setup
    Test ride 

    Available add-ons

    $25 more for selective E-bikes
    Internal housing more for complex installs
    Suspension fork basic no discount
    Suspension fork full $125
    Rear shock basic no discount
    Rear shock full $100
    Rear triangle overhaul $125

Shipping Options

We partner with to to box and ship your bike.
$125 plus shipping costs to box & ship.

Send us a message at to schedule service.

Note: Cost of replacement parts, if necessary, is not included in price of these service packages. Suspension service and hydraulic brake bleeding are not included in the above labor rates.

Accessory Installation

Gearing up with fenders and lights for rides during the PNW’s rainy season? Outfitting your rig to manage supplies on your next bikepacking adventure? Looking for a new rack to lug school or office supplies on your daily commute? Our service technicians are experts at installing just about any accessory you can imagine for your bike. We’ll help you select not only the right equipment based on your frame type, tire width, and specific needs, but we’ll ensure each accessory is installed securely and cleanly. Though many accessories are relatively straight-forward to install, that doesn’t mean the process won’t give you a headache. We have the tools, hardware, and expertise to save you the hassle of a DIY install. With the help of our service department, upgrading your ride has never been easier!


Like many hobbies, as you become further invested in cycling, you may notice areas that could use improvement on your ride. Whether you’re after better pedals, burlier suspension, a more responsive drivetrain, or higher-efficiency brakes, our service department has the knowledge to point you toward upgrades that are compatible with your bike and the installation know-how to help you swap out the old parts. If you’re looking to improve the quality of your ride, but you’re reluctant to let go of your perfectly fitting frame, consider bringing your bike in for a consultation with one of our friendly, helpful service advisors. They’ll discuss your options and budget so you can make the most of your existing ride.


Whether you’re prepping for a cross-country move and you have no idea how to cram your bike into your hatchback, or you’ve sold a bike online to someone out of state, we’ve got the solution. The Peak Sports Bike Shop’s service department is your one-stop-shop for bike shipping. We’re experts at packing your bike and arranging freight to ensure your gear reaches its destination safely. Save yourself the hassle of finding the right packing materials, disassembling your bike, and dropping off your bike for shipment. Just bring us your bike, and we’ll handle all the details.

Our service team has packed and shipped everything from road bikes to full-suspension e-bikes, so you can rest assured they’ll know exactly how best to protect your valuables to survive long-distance freight. Once packed, our team utilizes the bike shipping experts at Bike Flights to ensure you’re receiving the best rates, shipping insurance, and delivery times.

At the Peak Sports Bike Shop service department, we put our knowledge, experience, and tools to work for you, so you can focus on your next riding adventure. Come in any time - estimates are always free! Our friendly, knowledgeable technicians look forward to working with you.


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