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Reserve Your Rentals Online

Welcome to Peak Sports Rentals! We've got the gear for you to explore the outside world without breaking the bank. 

Reserve Online at least 24 hours ahead of your pickup time
Please use the online rental reservation system and plan one day in advance to rent.  We have limited inventory and want to ensure those who have made reservations will get their rentals accurately and on time.

Pick-up Gear
On the day and time of your reservation, come on down to the Bike Shop for bike rentals or the Outdoor Store for all other rentals. We'll have your gear ready for you to pick up and head out on your adventure. You are responsible for the loading and transport of your gear, so make sure you come with appropriate accommodations.

Water Craft Loading
Peak sports staff are able to guide you through putting your boat on your car, but cannot physically help you. Please bring enough people to load and unload your boat. A roof rack with crossbars is strongly recommended.

PFD Regulations
According to Oregon’s life jacket laws, all boats under 16 feet in length and all canoes, rafts and kayaks, must carry one, Type I, II or III wearable flotation device of suitable size for each person on board as well as a whistle.

All reservations are cancelable up to 36 hours in advance of the pickup time. Otherwise they will be subject to a cancellation fee. Have a great adventure, and stay safe out there!