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Ski Parts & Accessories

Supertune Eco-Friendly Base Cleaner is our citrus-based degreaser. After warm spring rides or some unfortunate encounters with dirt/rocks/mud in the occasional tree well, this cleaner is the best way to remove the dirt and grime that cake the bottom of your skis or snowboard. Use it with a rag to clean your base, then do a regular hot wax treatment. It's also great on that layer of dust that accumulated in your garage over the summer. - A New Environmentally Sensitive Non-Toxic Cleaner/Degreaser - Removes Dirt, Grime, and Old Wax. We Recommend Using the Base Cleaner Before Any New Wax Job. - PFC Free (Perfluorocarbons)
The Stance Driver is our most tricked-out driver tool. It comes with all the standard bits you'll need for your skis, snowboard, or surfboard, and the bidirectional adjustable ratcheting head makes quick work of any project. The retractable tape measure is always ready to spring to help you set the perfect width on your bindings. - 6 piece ratchet driver - #2 and #3 Philips - #2 and #3 Pozidrive - 3/32 hex - 1/4 flat head - 39-inch [ 100cm ] tape measure
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