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The Best Used Bikes in Corvallis, OR

Find Your Next New (to you) Ride:

Tired of scouring online secondhand marketplaces, forums, and social media for your next ride? Stop by the Peak Sports Bike Shop to take a look at our awesome selection of used bikes. Our second-hand inventory covers the entire gamut of bicycles, including mountain bikes, commuters, road bikes, e-bikes, cruisers, recumbents, and children’s bikes. With a quarter of our bicycle showroom dedicated to second-hand gear, you’re almost guaranteed to find something that catches your eye.

Best of all, we inspect every used bike we consign, which means you’ll never need to worry about buying a lemon. You can be sure your new (to you) bicycle is safe and ready for a second life on the road or trail. No more handing over a pile of cash to a stranger you met online and praying your new rig won’t fall apart. On a used bike from Peak Sports, you can ride confidently, knowing your hard earned money helped you score an awesome new bike you can rely on to transport you safely on your next adventure.

One thing you won’t find among our used selection is a big-box bike featuring low-quality components and an inferior build quality. 

Bikes Brands You Can Find in Our Store:

Santa Cruz
SurlyAnd more!

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135 NW 2nd St, Corvallis, OR 97330

Why Buy a Used Bike?

Buying a used bike adds tons of value to your purchase. By purchasing a second-hand bike, you’ll stretch your dollar in ways you might not have considered. Often you’ll find used bikes equipped with higher-end drivetrain components, brakes, and frame materials for a fraction of the cost of an equivalent new bike. If you’ve been lusting after a new carbon fiber steed but cringing at the markup on brand new rigs, purchasing used may be the way to achieve your budget goals.

Additionally, buying used is great for the environment. We see tons of gently used bicycles with thousands upon thousands of miles of life left. Your purchase helps reduce waste by keeping capable, safe bikes on the road instead of burying them in a landfill. It’s not uncommon for an enthusiast to purchase and ride multiple bikes through their lifetime as they chase their ultimate set-up. In their pursuit of the perfect bike featuring the latest components, geometry updates, or weight savings, it’s not uncommon for an enthusiast to acquire multiple bikes within the same riding category when the latest and greatest becomes available. That means their used gear is still perfectly capable of tackling the toughest rides you can imagine, all for a more reasonable price than brand new.

Consign Your Bike With Us Today

Consigning a bike with us couldn’t be easier. Simply bring your bike by our service department–no appointment necessary–and one of our managers or second-hand specialists will examine your bike to ensure it’s safe to ride and ready to sell. Though we don’t expect perfection, we do ask that you take care of any major mechanical issues (flat tires, poor shifting, worn brakes) prior to consigning your bike. If you prefer, we’re happy to perform the maintenance at our competitive shop prices to get your bike ready for the sales floor. Once your bike is in sellable condition, it will be moved to our sales area immediately. There, one of our friendly sales guides can assist guests eyeing your bike and answer any questions that may arise about what type of riding the bike is best suited for, how well it’s equipped, and whether it will help them achieve their riding goals. In other words, we’ll do all the hard work of selling the bike so you can sit back and enjoy the profit.

Once your bike sells, you’ll have instant access to in-store credit available for use at our Annex Consignment Store, bike shop, or our Outdoor Shop. If used at our Annex, you’ll receive a whopping extra 20% bonus to help you equip yourself for your next adventure. If you prefer cash, funds are available as a check 30 days from your bike’s date of sale. You can pick up the check from us directly, or we’ll be happy to mail it to you for a small fee.

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