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Adventure With Dogs 2022

It’s no secret that we love dogs at Peak Sports. In fact, we encourage our employees to bring their pups to work so everyone can enjoy their company. But when Friday rolls around and we prepare to set out for whatever outdoor adventures we’ve planned, the fun doesn’t stop for our four-legged friends.

Peak Sports General Manager Jim Blount and his pup, Charlie, have been adventuring together since 2019, and over the years, they’ve developed a special bond over their shared experiences speeding down singletrack trails, splashing through the rapids of frigid rivers, and bikepacking across the Oregon’s coastal range. To start off our “Adventure With Dogs” week, we asked Jim to share his experiences with Charlie–what he’s learned, how his adventures with Charlie have grown over the years, and what he recommends for folks looking to involve their pups in their outdoor adventures.

  1. How did you begin involving Charlie in your adventures?

    • Slowly! Most dogs are terrible at self-regulating, so it’s easy to do too much too soon. For biking, I started taking Charlie on short rides around the neighborhood and spent a couple of months working up to 10-mile mountain bike rides. Within a year she was doing 30+ mile rides. With boating, we started off with SUP floats on the Willamette and eventually worked our way up to whitewater adventures in a packraft. Whether it’s biking, hiking, or boating, I always let her decide if she wants to join. If she doesn’t want to, I don’t push it, because I only want to bring her on adventures that she enjoys. 

  2. What type of training would you suggest pet owners work on to ensure safe and pleasant adventures with their dogs?

    • Basic dog training, such as Wonder Dogs’ Essential Manners courses. Recall, impulse control, and learning how to appropriately interact with humans and other animals are critical skills for keeping your dog safe and sharing the outdoors with other users.

  3. How does adventuring with Charlie enrich your outdoor experiences?

    • Charlie is always up for an adventure, and her joy is contagious. Dogs are always in the present moment, which is a great reminder for us humans. I also love that I can go out on a solo adventure with her and get all the benefits of being alone without being lonely. 

  4. What dog-specific preparations go into planning an adventure with Charlie?

    • The number one thing is water - I either have to carry enough for both of us or plan the route around access to streams and lakes. Foot health is the second most important consideration since foot pads are often the first thing to wear out when adventuring. If we’re doing a big trip that involves 25+ mile days, we have to spend several weeks getting her feet and joints conditioned, and I always carry Musher’s Secret foot salve which helps dog feet withstand hot pavement, gravel, snow, rocks - pretty much any terrain.

  5. How do you keep Charlie safe when you're on adventures?

    • Recall is the best safety precaution. Whether it’s a car, random food, or a bear, I know that the moment I call Charlie or tell her to stop, she’s going to listen. That takes a lot of training and positive reinforcement, but without it, we wouldn’t be able to adventure the way we do. 

  6. What kind of dog-specific gear do you carry?

    • Water bowl, Musher’s Wax, poo bags. Charlie has a lot of activity-specific gear, but those are the core items that we always carry.

  7. What is Charlie's favorite post-adventure snack?

    • Raw bone-in chicken. It’s not pretty, but dogs find it delicious!

  8. How has Charlie changed the way you approach outdoor adventures?

    • She provides motivation when I can’t, so we end up doing more daily adventures. It’s easy for me to make excuses when I’m lacking motivation, but it’s hard to convince her that sleeping in is a better decision than getting out in the forest before work. I also feel like I owe it to her to take her out regularly, which ends up being good for both of us. 

  9. Where can folks see more of you and Charlie and get inspired for their next adventure?

We hope Jim’s answers will spark inspiration and help you discover new ways to involve your pets in your journeys across all the spectacular adventures the PNW has to offer! If you’re looking for adventure ideas, gear recommendations, or further information on wilderness safety for you and your pup, be sure to check in with us all week long as we celebrate Adventure With Dogs at Peak Sports! As always, if you want to learn more, be sure to visit our website at, stop by our Outdoor Store at 207 NW 2nd St. in Corvallis, or give us a call at 541-754-6444.