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Bikepacking Overnight in the Old Cascade Crest Trail

We took a chance with the wildfire smoke and headed out for an overnight in an area that up until the day before had been closed due to its proximity to the Bruler Fire. We got lucky and it wasn't smokey, and there were no people.

I backpacked out here last month, but this was my first time on a mountain bike. I can only describe the trails as "backcountry flow trails." Amazing. It was a quick trip for us with not a lot of riding (~12 miles out and back), and now I really want to go back and do the whole loop.
We had a very nice camp spot by Pyramid Creek that we had scoped out on our previous trip.

After an OK night's sleep with lots of bats and very few bugs, we got an early start in the morning. Spent lots of time enjoying the beautiful trail and solitude.

We stopped at the swimming hole at Shedd Shelter camp for a morning nap and some fishing.

Charlie and I took a swim (ie I carried Charlie into the water) and the dogs played before we headed back to our bikes.

This is a cool shot looking above to where we stashed our bikes on the climb back out of the swimming hole.

Happy dogs on the way back up the trail.
Back at the truck, and back home in less than 24 hours. Now I can't wait to get back out there and do the whole loop (~28 miles) as a one nighter. Might have to wait until early fall to avoid the wildfire smoke.