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Here's a handy online fit guide to help you find the right rack for your vehicle.

Racks and Accessories

At Peak Bike & Outdoor, we not only carry the gear you need to make the most of your next adventure, we also offer the equipment you need to transport it. As a Yakima dealer, we stock a wide assortment of roof and hitch rack solutions designed to help you transport your gear securely and with ease.

If you’ve been eyeing the latest Hobie kayak for a day on one of Oregon’s pristine lakes, but the thought of strapping it to the roof of your sedan makes you sweat, we’ve got just the solution. If the roof of your vehicle is naked, we’ve likely got an answer for that, too. With Yakima’s roof towers, adding crossbars to your vehicle is a cinch. Best of all, once you’ve installed a rugged and flexible crossbar system, it’s easy to expand your carrying capacity and loadout options. With something like the Yakima LoadWarrior and a handful of straps, hauling a cooler, camp chairs, a stove, kayak paddles, and even a load of firewood becomes an afterthought.

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Our Peak Sports Bike Shop also carries a wide array of bike racks designed to help you transport nearly every type of two-wheeled rig you can imagine. Yakima’s StageTwo gives you the flexibility to haul anything from a pair of kids’ bikes to a set of high-powered e-bikes. With an included ramp to make loading and unloading a breeze, and flexible StrongArm hooks to hold onto your prized bikes securely, it’ll be hard to find a bike this rack won’t work with. If a day of shuttling you and your friends for a rowdy day of singletrack riding is more your speed, the Yakima HangTight 4 is the rack to consider. No hitch? No problem. We also carry flexible trunk-style racks that strap down to your vehicle so you can transform your hybrid sedan into an adventure transporter. 

For adventurers with wildly different plans every weekend, Yakima’s EXO platform likely has a solution to your needs. With options for adding a GearLocker, a tray-style bike rack, and even a multi-purpose table you can use to service your gear or serve up a fire-side charcuterie board, Yakima’s EXO platform has a solution to help you carry an assortment of gear limited only by your imagination. 

We know selecting and installing racks and accessories for your particular vehicle can feel like a jigsaw puzzle, so be sure to stop by the Peak Sports Outdoor Store or Bike Shop so one of our sales guides can lend their expertise in helping you find the perfect solution to your rack needs. Not only will we discuss the options available for your vehicle, we offer custom assembly and installs to save you headaches and time. 

Regardless of your destination or adventure, Peak Sports and Yakima help get you, your friends, and all your gear there, allowing you to focus on what really matters - creating memories to last a lifetime.