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Five Items You Didn’t Know You Needed 

for Your Next Winter Adventure

With fall upon us, the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting chillier, but that doesn’t mean your next adventure has to be put on pause until things warm up again. In fact, winter offers some of the most unique opportunities for outdoor experiences that can only happen when the temperature dips and the sky blankets the landscape with miles of fresh powder. But preparing for an adventure when things get frosty is not the same as prepping for a summer outing, and bringing the right clothing and gear can make the difference between a trip to remember and a nightmare you’d rather forget.

To help you gear up for your next winter adventure, we asked our expert guides at Peak Sports Outdoor Shop for their recommendations on equipment and clothing ideas you might not have considered. So if you’ve already covered the basics, here are five items (plus a couple bonus accessories) that will bring you one step closer to that winter adventure you’ve been dreaming of:

1. Sea To Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack

There’s not much worse than setting up camp after a day in the snow only to reach inside your pack and find a wet sleeping bag. The Sea to Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack makes sure you’ll never need to worry about a night spent shivering in wet gear. Available in sizes from XS (6L) to a gigantic 30L XL, you’ll be sure to find the perfect size compression sack for your sleeping bag, clothes, or any other soft item you want to keep dry. Made of sturdy 70D Nylon, these Sea to Summit sacks are air permeable but waterproof, which means you can compress your down or synthetic sleeping bag to a fraction of its normal packed size without the need for fiddly vent valves. With taped seams and double-stitched reinforced construction at stress points, these stuff sacks are rugged and built to last. Best of all, they’ll help shave down the space needed for your sleeping bag, freeing up your pack for those other luxuries you’d always wished you had room for. 

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2. 10oz Nalgene Flask and Hydro Flask 10oz Rocks glass 

Lightweight and slender, the 10oz flask from Nalgene will mean you can unwind at camp with a sip of your favorite spirit after a hard day of playing in the snow. Weighing in at just over four ounces, this flask’s compact size makes it perfect for stashing it inside your jacket or crammed into that tiny crevice between your sleeping pad and cookset. Plus, the lid doubles as a shot glass, so you can measure your booze or toast your friends in style.

If you're car camping, or simply willing to carry a few extra ounces, you can take things to the next level by mixing up your favorite cocktail in one of Hydro Flask’s 10oz Rocks glasses. Whether you like your drink straight or mixed with something sweet, these glasses will make sure your beverage stays cold--not your fingers, so you can soak up the heat fireside in style.

Whether you prefer the rugged simplicity of the Nalgene Flask or the luxury of a cocktail, these two items will ensure you cap your night off with a delicious drink that warms you from the inside out.

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3. G3 AVI Shovel

Made of lightweight TIG-welded aluminum for strength and durability, the G3 AVI shovel makes cutting through the snow a piece of cake. The G3 AVI Shovel will help you transform your campsite, so you can lounge in luxury in the snow instead of on it. Perfect for making snow benches to relax on or carving out a cookspace, the AVI Shovel gives you the ability to fully customize your campsite into your own private winter wonderland.

4. 3Feet Merino Wool Insoles

If you’re already rocking a cushy pair of comfy wool socks but still suffering from chilly toes, 3Feet Merino wool insoles are exactly what you need to take your comfort up a step. Made with a blend of synthetic and wool fibers for maximum durability and comfort, these insoles offer arch support and an additional layer of thermal protection to keep your toes toasty and your feet comfy in your favorite ski boots, winter shoes, or hiking boots. Plus, thanks to wool’s natural odor fighting properties, these insoles will help keep your footwear smelling fresh, even after accumulating a day’s worth of sweat. Additionally, the insole’s heel cup offers another layer of foot support, because who wouldn’t want a little extra help keeping your footing on slippery snow or ice-covered rocks?

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5. Helinox Chair One

Constructed from anodized DAC aluminum and rugged nylon, the Helinox Chair One can comfortably support adventurers up to 320 pounds. Paired with a Helinox Ground Sheet to keep the chair’s feet from sinking in the snow and a Helinox Reversible Seat Warmer (think puffy, but for your chair), the Helinox Chair One is the perfect way to take a load off and enjoy your evening fireside. While your friends wrestle to find a comfy position on a folding sit pad, you’ll be kicking your feet up in style and cozy comfort. Weighing in at just over two pounds and packing down to about the size of a 48oz Nalgene water bottle, the Helinox Chair One will elevate your rugged campsite (and your rear end), so you can stay comfy, dry, and give your feet a rest for the next adventure your trip has in store.

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Bonus items: Musher’s Secret and Ruffwear Vert Jacket

Although solo adventures bring their own set of challenges and rewards, the right company can elevate any trip from an ordinary outing to a trip full of lifelong memories. If your pup is just as eager as you to play in the snow, Musher’s Secret and the Ruffwear Vert Jacket will help them stay cozy and warm so you can bring them along without worrying about the cold temps.

Available at our Outdoor store at 207 NW 2nd St, Corvallis, OR 97330, Musher’s Secret uses a blend of several food-grade waxes and oils to protect your dog’s paws and other sensitive areas from the snow and ice. Their proprietary formula creates a breathable barrier that offers serious protection while allowing perspiration to escape. Musher’s Secret is easy to apply, and because it’s a stable wax, it has an indefinite shelf life, so it’ll always be ready when you and your pup are.

If your dog enjoys the wet and cold as much as you, but their fur isn’t quite enough to keep the shivers at bay, consider adding a Ruffwear Vert Jacket to your furrball’s wardrobe. Waterproof, windproof, and breathable, the Ruffwear Vert Jacket will keep your dog cozy, regardless if the precipitation is wet, snowy, or something in between. Available in a wide range of sizes for every breed, the Vert Jacket’s construction features leg holes to keep the jacket in place when things get windy, a leash portal so the jacket can be worn over your pup’s favorite harness, high-loft recycled polyester insulation, and reflective accents to keep your dog visible in low-light conditions. The Ruffwear Vert Jacket will ensure your dog stays as comfy and stylish as their human best friend.

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We hope the items on this list give you ideas to fill out your gear closet and help make your next winter adventure spectacular. If you’re looking for other winter gear ideas or information, be sure to visit our Snowsports page. Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to learn about upcoming gear availability, sales, and adventure talks.

If you need help planning your next winter adventure, have questions, or simply need suggestions for a piece of gear or clothing to solve an issue you’ve run into in the wild, be sure to visit or call our Outdoor Shop. Our expert guides have decades of combined experience in the outdoors, and we love collaborating to solve our guests’ unique needs!