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New Adventures for Used Gear

When it comes to reducing our environmental impact, one area where we can make a huge difference is in our re-use and recycling of clothing and outdoor gear. Unfortunately, these items are often seen as a disposable resource. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generated 17 million tons of textile waste in 2018, and of that, over 11 million tons went to the landfill. Only 2.5 million tons were recycled.

The good news is that re-using and recycling outdoor gear and apparel is one of the easiest ways to trim those numbers down in a meaningful way. As part of this effort, Peak Sports Annex in Corvallis and Peak Sports Springfield / Eugene provide a direct channel for you to keep your used items out of the landfill while putting money in your pocket at the same time.

Instead of tossing your gently used items, consider bringing them by Peak Sports Annex for consignment. One of our skilled employees will evaluate and price them according to brand and condition. From there, your gear makes its way to our show floor. Once sold, that money can be used toward other equipment or clothing you may be lacking, or it can be converted to cash to help fund your next adventure.

As outdoors enthusiasts ourselves, the only thing that brings us more joy than experiencing nature first-hand is helping others experience those same wonders for the first time. Our consignment shops provide a meaningful way to expand access to the sports and activities we love. Most outdoor sports and activities require at least some specialized gear. The initial costs associated with taking on a new hobby are one major barrier some folks are unable to overcome. By providing a marketplace for used items offered at more affordable prices, that barrier is lowered, and more people can experience the joys, thrills, and memories outdoor adventures provide. Not only that, but the used gear we consign is higher quality, better performing, and longer-lasting than mass-produced items that are cheaply manufactured by big-box stores.

Next time you come across used gear you’re ready to part with, we hope you’ll bring it by. Whether it’s a piece of clothing spending more time in your closet than on your body, a bicycle part you’ve since upgraded, a tent that’s suddenly too small for your growing family, or a guidebook you’ve read so many times you’ve memorized it cover-to-cover, we’d love to see it. Together we can support our environment, increase access to the activities we love, and help fund your next adventure!