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Yoga for Adventurers

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Peak Sports’ Yoga for Adventurers! Discover how yoga can increase your performance in a multitude of outdoor activities and adventures through enhanced mobility, strength, and mindfulness.

Designed for beginners and intermediates, our classes focus on helping folks discover the many benefits of regular yoga practice.

Worried about whether you’re in good enough shape? Don’t be! We believe yoga can benefit everyBODY, regardless of body type, experience, or ability.

Led by Peak Sports staff with years of instructional experience, our 45-minute-long classes will walk you through a series of stretches and movements designed to improve your body’s ability at tackling outdoor adventures like running, rock climbing, and cycling while helping you feel grounded and focused.

Hosted at Peak Sports’ spacious former Annex at 121 NW 2nd St. in Corvallis, our yoga space features hardwood floors and soothing natural lighting–all in a convenient downtown location.

Plan on bringing your yoga mat and water. Missing one or both? Visit our online shop to peruse a variety of yoga products to make your sessions more comfortable and productive!

Yoga events comings soon.

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