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Santa Cruz Bronson C R MX

You know what's hard about choosing what model of Santa Cruz suits you? It's having to narrow down what kind of riding you want to do. But what if you don't want to be pinned down by labels? What if you want to just be a mountain biker in the broadest sense of the word? What if you want to choose how you ride rather than what to ride? If this sounds familiar, then try a Bronson.


Juliana Wilder C S TR

Saving weight means little without retaining an appropriate level of stiffness and responsiveness too. So we've taken all the acceleration and out-of-the-saddle sprint qualities of a carbon XC race rocket and fused them with a rear-end that still rails corners like a hardcore trail bike.

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Santa Cruz Blur C S

Each weekend, at race venues the world over, there is one rider who gets hoisted upon the shoulders of the crowd and carried to the podium. Or at least leaves with a water bottle as their prize. And between each of those races, innumerable wannabes are putting in the hours on the rollers and in the gym all because they want to feel what it's like to take the win. They know that to beat the pack every advantage needs to be acquired. That's where the Blur fits in.

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All Santa Cruz bikes comes with a Lifetime Warranty on it's frame--whether alloy or carbon--and Reserve carbon rims if you go for that option. What's more, it comes with the backing of the Santa Cruz Rider Support crew and our legendary warranty manager Willie. And when we say legendary, we mean dude-has-a-bobblehead-legendary. Seriously, Google him.

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