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Gravel E-bikes

If you’re looking to escape the bustle of city traffic but not chasing the adrenaline rush of full-on mountain biking, a gravel e-bike may just be the ticket to your riding dreams. Featuring rigid frames for maximum efficiency and powerful motors to extend your ability to tackle longer rides and steep ascents, gravel e-bikes offer riders the chance to escape the grind of city life while soaking in all the gorgeous scenery of backroad routes.

With ample clearance for wide tires, versatility is the name of the gravel bike game. Offering riders the opportunity to customize their tire choices, gravel bikes can be equipped with everything from knobby tires for shockingly good grip on rough terrain or semi-slick tires with textured edges for a blend of smooth riding on pavement and ample traction for cornering on loose gravel. Capable of tackling road rides, gravel rides, and even commutes, a gravel e-bike serves as the ultimate choice as a do-it-all ride for the Pacific Northwest.

The versatility doesn’t stop with the tire choice, however. With ample frame mounts for bottle cages, racks, and frame bags, equipping your gravel e-bike for commuting or bike packing has never been easier.

Featuring lighter weights than most motor-assisted rigs, gravel e-bikes are shockingly easy to pedal, even with no assistance at all. That light weight doesn’t mean a less-capable motor and battery, though. With enough juice to help you power through hours of off-the-beaten-path routes, and enough assistance to make tackling hills and switchbacks a breeze, you’ll be amazed at how much ground you can cover in an afternoon of riding.

Best of all, nearly every gravel e-bike we carry offers the option to expand battery capacity with either hot-swappable batteries or the addition of a powerpack. At the end of the day, though, should you manage to completely drain your battery, you can always pedal the old-fashioned way. It’s for that reason we generally encourage folks on test rides to start without any assistance at all–you’d be amazed at how easy it is to get moving and maintain your momentum, even with the extra weight of a motor and battery.

Charging your gravel e-bike is as simple as parking your ride next to a wall socket. Simply connect your power adapter to the frame, and you’ll be set with enough watt-hours to power you through your next ride in a matter of hours. Gravel e-bikes’ high-capacity lithium-ion batteries are headache-free. Only used a fraction of the battery’s capacity on your last ride? E-bike batteries can be topped off without worry of affecting your battery’s longevity or capacity.

One of the best features gravel e-bikes offer is their adjustable assistance. If you’re looking to amp up your heart rate and burn calories, simply dial down the assistance. If you’re tackling 20% grades to reach your favorite scenic vista, crank the assistance up to maximize your sweat equity. At the end of the day, gravel e-bikes powerful motors and high-capacity batteries mean you get to decide what your ride looks like.

Visit us today to peruse our inventory, try out your favorites on a test ride, and learn how an e-bike can transform your commute. We’ll work with you to discuss your needs and riding aspirations so you can discover the perfect bike to help you go further, ride longer, and maximize your fun on two wheels!

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