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Who needs a shuttle anyway? With an e-MTB, ascents can be as challenging as you’d like them to be. Every electric mountain bike we sell offers multiple levels of assistance that you can change on the fly to suit your mood or the trail.

If your legs are still sore from yesterday’s epic ride or you simply don’t feel like tackling the steep ascents on the way to your favorite section of singletrack, putting your e-MTB into its highest assistance level will ensure you reach the trailhead feeling fresh and ready for any switchbacks, jumps, and technical terrain you may come across on your descent.

Similarly, if you’re new to the sport, the motor assist on an e-MTB can lend you extra confidence to seek out longer rides. As your fitness progresses, you may find that you want less assistance, and your e-MTB can handle that, too. Dialing back the motor’s power is as simple as a flick of your thumb, making it easier than ever to keep your heart rate in the ideal range as your body adapts to the demands of the sport.

One question riders often wonder about is an electric bike’s range. With an average of 500-700Wh of battery life, you can expect anywhere from 3 to 5 hours of assisted ride time, which is plenty of juice to tackle anything from an afternoon jaunt through the woods or that long ride you’ve been mapping out on your lunch breaks.

Additionally, nearly every e-bike we carry offers the option to expand battery capacity with either hot-swappable batteries or the addition of a powerpack. At the end of the day, though, should you manage to completely drain your battery, you can always pedal the old-fashioned way. It’s for that reason we generally encourage folks on test rides to start without any assistance at all–you’d be amazed at how easy it is to get moving and maintain your momentum, even with the extra weight of a motor and battery.

Simply having the ability to select the assistance level on the fly means you’ll want to take your bike out of the garage that much more often. Eliminate the dread, and get moving. Who knows? Once you start spinning the cranks, you may decide it’s not such a bad day for a workout after all. That’s where the flexibility of an e-MTB shines. The power is always in your hands.

Lastly, e-MTBs are built rugged and feature components designed to adapt to the demands of the ride. Beefy forks, powerful brakes, and responsive shifting result in impressive ride quality that maximizes traction, comfort, and fun. Nearly every model we carry is available in a range of build levels, letting you select the perfect bike to match your current abilities, your aspirations for trail domination, and your budget.

Whether you want to stay grounded and efficient or whip through berms and launch off jumps, you can be sure we’ve got options for you. If you’re seeking out a sturdy, motor-assist touring machine, we can help with that, too. With dozens of touring accessories available for even full-suspension bikes, adding a rack and panniers, bottle cages, and frame mounts has never been easier, and an e-MTBs powerful assistance means you’ll never need to worry about hauling all the food, water, and camping gear you could want.

Visit us today to peruse our inventory, try out your favorites on a test ride, and learn how an e-MTB can transform your perception of cycling. We’ll work with you to discuss your needs and riding aspirations so you can discover the perfect bike to help you go further, ride longer, and maximize your fun on two wheels! Have questions? Feel free to give us a call at 541-754-6444 (Corvallis) / 541-933-0444 (Springfield) or send us an e-mail at (Corvallis) / (Springfield), or visit our Corvallis store at 135 NW 2nd St. or our Springfield location at 414 Main St.!

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