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Commuter E-bikes

Looking to have fun, reduce your carbon footprint, and get some exercise? A commuter e-bike is just the tool to help you accomplish all your goals. Designed as much for function as they are for maximizing your fun on two wheels, commuter e-bikes offer a multitude of advantages over traditional bikes. From their powerful motors to comfortable riding position, commuter e-bikes are designed from the ground up to get you where you need to be. Best of all, with their adjustable assistance levels, you get to decide whether your typical commute is a breeze, a workout, or simply an excuse to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Featuring responsive frame geometry to make dodging potholes a breeze and a neutral riding position to keep you comfortable all ride long, commuter e-bikes are the true workhorses of the cycling world. Carrying your lunch, laptop, and a change of clothes has never been easier. Many commuter e-bikes feature racks, fenders, and front and rear lights right off the showroom floor, and those that don’t are a cinch to kit out to your exact specifications.


With a trunk bag and panniers, you’ll be amazed at your bike’s carrying capacity. That means you can ride to work, stop at the grocery store for dinner, and even pop into your local library for your latest cozy read without needing to worry if you can lug it all back home. Best of all, your commuter e-bike’s robust motor means pedaling will be a breeze, even if your grocery haul includes a couple of bottles of wine and your favorite frozen pizza.

With variable assistance levels, you can ensure your rides are as easy or challenging as you like. Whether you’re commuting via bike for exercise or to avoid the gas station, choosing how hard you work is as simple as a flick of your thumb. Additionally, high-capacity batteries ensure you’ll have the assistance you need whether your commute is a couple of miles or a city away. With most commuter e-bikes, you can expect a riding range of anywhere from 20-80 miles depending on terrain and assistance levels, with most riders hitting an average of around 40-50 miles between charges.

Best of all, nearly every e-bike we carry offers the option to expand battery capacity with either hot-swappable batteries or the addition of a powerpack. At the end of the day, though, should you manage to completely drain your battery, you can always pedal the old-fashioned way. It’s for that reason we generally encourage folks on test rides to start without any assistance at all–you’d be amazed at how easy it is to get moving and maintain your momentum, even with the extra weight of a motor and battery.

If you’re running low on juice, charging your e-bike is as easy as finding the nearest wall socket, and many commuter e-bikes feature easy-to-remove batteries so you can park your bike and take your battery with you to charge up while you’re in the office or enjoying a latte at your favorite cafe.

Commuter e-bikes’ versatility isn’t limited to just getting you to work, either. Many models feature wider tires that offer the perfect blend of low-rolling resistance, great cornering grip, and cushioning to smooth out rough pavement. Those same tires make riding on dirt and gravel paths a breeze, meaning your commuter e-bike can also double as the perfect RV accessory. With a hitch and bike rack, you can transform your vacation plans by adding the ability to zip around the RV park, head into town to discover a new restaurant, or tackle sightseeing in style.

If your strength or flexibility aren’t what they used to be, no worries. Dozens of commuter e-bikes come available in both standard frames and step-thru designs. Offered with either a lower top-tube or no top tube at all, you won’t need to worry about throwing your leg over the frame before you set out, even if your bike is laden with gear.

Visit us today to peruse our inventory, try out your favorites on a test ride, and learn how an e-bike can transform your commute. We’ll work with you to discuss your needs and riding aspirations so you can discover the perfect bike to help you go further, ride longer, and maximize your fun on two wheels! Have questions? Feel free to give us a call at 541-754-6444 (Corvallis) or send us an e-mail at  or visit our Corvallis store at 135 NW 2nd St.

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