The Perfect Fit

There are endless variables when it comes to how a rider interacts with his or her bike. Numerous options such as frame geometry, stems, handlebars, saddles, pedals, shoes, and other accessories can be tailored to meet the rider’s needs. Therefore, riding with any amount of discomfort no longer has to be a part of the cycling experience.

Regardless if you want to stand on the podium, go for new personal record, or just want to ride to work without your lower back bothering you for the rest of the day, a bike fit at Peak Sport can help you achieve it. We aim to help you get most out of your bike as well as the most out of yourself.

Bicycle Fitting Packages

New Bike Sizing 45 Minutes, $60

FREE with new bike purchased from Peak Sports, includes:

  • Saddle height adjustment
  • Saddle fore/aft adjustment
  • Handlebar height recommendation
  • Handlebar reach recommendation

Basic Sizing 60 Minutes, $75

For safety and comfort, includes:

  • Saddle height adjustment
  • Saddle fore/aft adjustment
  • Handlebar height adjustment
  • Handlebar reach adjustment

Comprehensive Bike Fit 3-3.5 Hours, $250-$300

Improves performance, includes:

The Comprehensive Bike Fit process is for Comfort, Injury Prevention, and Performance. This is the same method used with top professional riders in all cycling disciplines.

  • Discussion of rider profile and goals
  • Detailed injury and pain history
  • 20 step physical assessment (includes foot/ankle/knee structure, pelvic alignment, spinal curvature, neck and shoulder flexibility, major muscle group flexibility)
  • 15 step bike adjustment (includes shoe and cleat set-up, saddle selection and placement, reach and drop to the bars, hip/knee/foot alignment adjustments are made to ensure that pedaling efficiency and power are maximized).
  • Documentation of fit details (includes measurements, photos & videos emailed to client).
  • Follow up session 4-6 weeks after fit
  • $50.00 extra for Time Trial or Triathlon bikes

Peak Sports' Fit Expert

Jon Booth

Jon Booth has been an avid cyclist for over 25 years. He started out competing in triathlons to keep up with his older brother, who he still likes to beat on occasion. He has also competed in a handful of Mt. bike races over the years and also enjoys riding at a more leisurely pace with his wife and two young children. Jon still competes in triathlons, from sprint to 70.3 Ironman distance.

He is passionate about cycling and loves to share his passion with others. He enjoys working with all types of riders, whether it's a beginner just learning how to clip in, or an experienced racer looking to be more efficient on their bike.

Jon is a Certified Body Geometry Fit expert. Receiving his training from Andrew Pruitt from Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and Sean Madsen formerly of Specialized who has performed thousands of bike fits and works directly with many sponsored pro riders.

Jon also has a B.Sc. from Oregon State in Exercise and Sport Science, Is a Certified USA Triathlon Coach and owner of Pure Endurance. He coaches a growing number of multi-sport and endurance athletes, from first time sprint distance athletes to 140.6 Ironman distance races and endurance Mt. biking events. He has found that many riders, from seasoned athletes to recreational riders can benefit greatly from increased strength and endurance of the core musculature. He can help make sure you are in the most efficient position on your bike.

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